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Comments - Water Quality (verbatim)

already too many cottages on the lake...DO NOT NEED MORE!

It doesn't makes sense to try and get the levels of no human habitation when we should be dealing with the lake as it is with human habitation.

That's an unreasonable goal. You can have high water quality without having it 'as close as possible to natural historic levels.'

We look forward to having another few generations enjoy time at Leonard Lake. This will be problematic if the water quality continues to degrade.

Without everyone abandoning the lake , so called natural historic levels will not be achieved

I'm not sure the no-human habitation is a realistic benchmark. If we can ensure all residents are using modern efficient 4 stroke boat motors and fully efficient septic systems along with good water quality practices (not allowing contaminants into the water) then I think that should be able to maintain the right balance. 

This question is misleading - water quality could never be “pre human habitation” ..... not sure what you are trying to achieve by asking this question????

I've selected the middle of the road here because the scenario isn't overly realistic. 

Don't know if it is possible to achieve this but would be interested to hear more about whether there are new ideas for further action we can take to begin to restore the water quality to safer levels. 

This is an unreasonable expectation. 

I just want the water to be safe for people and pets 

Fact is the lake is dominated by cottages vs natural uninhabited - therefore human habitation is a reality

People should still be able to enjoy themselves with boats etc... but we need to be careful about more developement and advising renters about the importance of not abusing the lake.

The early algae blooms concern me.

Without quality water, everything else is less important. Our lake is not big or deep and cannot withstand the stressors cottagers put on it.

we must control the pollutants created by our use of the lake and the land draining into it

Not realistically possible. Sad to say.

this goal could never be meet. we are way past the tipping point. the lake will continue to degrade the goal shoul be to slow this degradation

is is inevatable that the water quality changes over time but it should not be drastic.

Need to be realistic in that but we should do best to not pollute, keep septics in good condition, and boats, etc.

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