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The Association serves as a forum to voice your concerns.
Serving common interest, it represents your interests as a stakeholder on the lake.

- Politicians may not be able to listen to individual property owners, but are much more inclined to meet the needs of an aligned group of constituents. By providing a cohesive voice the Association can command more clout with the Township, District, Ministry of Natural Resources and other government organizations than you could as an individual.

- Through its membership in Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association (FOCA) and the Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA), the Association has a voice in provincial and important local matters.

The Association serves to communicate with the community.

- It provides a central point to gather and distribute pertinent information and updates.

- It monitors pending changes in Township by-laws, zoning, vacant land use and other potential threats to the health of the Lake, and is in a position to act proactively on that information.

The Association has no law-enforcing powers, but through persuasion and education will promote common-sense use of the Lake.

The Association initially developed a Lake Plan in 2008 that identified key areas of stewardship to support the future of the Lake. The plan has served as a guide to all stakeholders and property owners who share interest and responsibility for protecting the natural environment of the lake and mutual enjoyment of the lake.

However, many things have changed in Muskoka since that time and Leonard Lake faces threats not anticipated more than 10 years ago. A new Lake Plan has been completed and submitted to the Township of Muskoka Lakes for inclusion in the Official Plan currently under development to help protect our small lake from future challenges.

The Association aims - with your support - to protect the value of your property.

As a property owner and member of the Association, you have a vote in the running and decision-making of the organization. You  are encouraged to vote, participate and volunteer.

Click here to view the LLSA charter and By-laws, 

To see the 2020 Lake Plan, or the current 2022  Lake Plan, go to Lake Plan tab

What We Do
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