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E-Blasts 2016

Happy Holidays

Call for Volunteers to assist with shoal markings and summer social event

Notice of MPAC, Municipal Property Assessment Corp. Call for Volunteers to mark shoals.

Membership Drive

 Dock work requires permits from District of Muskoka Municipality(DMM) and MNR.

Happy Canada Day

DMM Revised Water Quality Model & Lake System Health Program - Hutchison Environmental Sciences Ltd. (HESL)

AGM Recap, DMM Lake System Health Program (HESL) Keynote speaker: Fire Prevention Officer

North Shore Development; DMM proposal of Lake Health System Policy (HESL)

LLSA presents concerns to DMM over Lake Health Policy

LLSA letter re DMM Lake System Health Policy sent to & Muskoka Watershed Council

LLSA objection letter campaign to TML re North Shore severance. 

LLSA opposition letter re: application to rezoning bylaws pertaining to North Shore development

TML Committee of Adjustment rejects North Shore lot severance pending Environmental Impact Assessment

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