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E-Blasts 2018

Celebration of Family Day.  FOCA Notice of Muskoka Summit on the Environment. MLA - high density development.

LLSA Experts Water Quality and Algal Blooms Report. Eyes on the Lake program.

Membership Drive. LLSA advocates with TML against application for Zoning By-Law Amendment, Lot Severance

Muskoka Fire Danger Ruling. Tick Notice

New North Shore application filed with TML for Lot Severance and Zoning By-Law Amendment

TML Council rejects application for North Shore Severance. Boat Launch Garbage.  Cottager forms Sparlings Group for Reduced rate.. 

Ministry of Environment, Conservation & Parks (MECP) confirm Blue-Green Algal Bloom.  Posting of Simcoe Public Health warning (SMDHU) 

TML initiates Septic Inspections

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