E-Blasts 2018

Celebration of Family Day.  FOCA Notice of Muskoka Summit on the Environment. MLA - high density development.

New North Shore application filed with TML for Lot Severance and Zoning By-Law Amendment

LLSA Experts Water Quality and Algal Blooms Report. Eyes on the Lake program.

TML Council rejects application for North Shore Severance. Boat Launch Garbage.  Cottager forms Sparlings Group for Reduced rate.. 

Membership Drive. LLSA advocates with TML against application for Zoning By-Law Amendment, Lot Severance

Ministry of Environment, Conservation & Parks (MECP) confirm Blue-Green Algal Bloom.  Posting of Simcoe Public Health warning (SMDHU) 

TML initiates Septic Inspections

Muskoka Fire Danger Ruling. Tick Notice