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Comments - Contributes to Enjoyment (verbatim)

Water quality should be the best possible. People should be able to use the lake as it suits their life.

You mention water quality twice, once alone and also in association to water level. These items should be separate

Family gathering spot

Our family has enjoyed use of our motor boat for water skiing and wake surfing over the years but have used it less in recent years as we are worried about lake health. We also have made a conscious effort to drop skiers and surfers far away from shorelines to reduce the negative impact of the wake along the shoreline. We are of two minds when it comes to power boating b/c we do enjoy the occasional water ski etc but can definitely understand some people's wish to have the lake reserved as a quiet haven with perhaps only very low HP motors (or now motors) allowed.

Again, if we don’t have water quality.....we have nothing! 

I'm not sure how to answer re power boats. I'd love it if all boats had to be electric.

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