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Comments - Impacts Enjoyment (verbatim)

Our cottage isn't winterized so don't have an opinion on snowmobiles other than they are noisy, polluting and somewhat disrespectful of private property generally speaking!

We have strong concerns about new lot creation as it pertains to lake health (water quality, fish and wildlife). Most daytime noise is construction based noises. There are definitely some boaters on the lake who do not seem to recognize the negative impact they have on shorelines by zipping into the bay in front of our cottage at higher speeds than allowed in the zone close to shore, causing high wakes to hit the shoreline. Don't know if it is lack of education?? Boats playing loud music occasionally a problem. Nighttime noise - occasionally newer residents (or renters) don't seem to realize their voices and music carry very far. I am sure no one intends to cause problems for their neighbours; it is likely just lack of knowledge. Find some users of PWC's are not aware of dangers posed by their actions; some will follow very closely behind water skiers to catch and play on the wake/waves but this is extremely dangerous if a waterskier were to fall or drop the line. Once again, it seems to be lack of knowledge as I doubt there is intent to cause danger or annoyance. 

Personal watercraft are a nuisance

Would just like neighbours to respect radio volume as it really does travel on the lake! 

I really don’t like to see personal watercraft on the lake. They are incredible noisemakers and polluters, it would be better of they would at least stay out in the middle of the lake. Most drivers like to buzz by the cottages. Lake level: this is a chronic problem. Many years ago the damn at the outlet was put in and then it was promptly cut down to lower lake level ( person shall not be named here but it definitely was an abuse of power and done to serve one cottage, and done without any lake consultation whatsoever) Through general discussion over subsequent years it is my observation that most lake residents would like to see the water level start at a higher point at the beginning of the season because we KNOW that it is going to be lower by august. Higher level= more water volume, and that’s got to be good. 

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