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Comments - Current Water Quality (verbatim)

know that is being worked on

I This spring showing the presence of Algae is concerning.

Possible algae bloom currently

Algae had caused a smell and taste in water even filtered 

There seems to be more algae/a funny smell.

Appreciate the work of those who look after the stewardship of the Lake 

gold-brown algae

Very concerned with toxic blue green algae found in LL (for fish and wildlife, dogs swimming, people swimming, people drinking from lake with filtration systems). Also concerned about brown green algae found this year. We are finding the water to smell very fishy this year and assume it is the new brown green algae?? We are currently drinking municipal water b/c we are concerned our filtration system will not be able to deliver safe drinking water. We are worried to swim and allow our dog in the lake as well until we know more. 

Green algee is a concern

We appreciate the dedication of the LLSA constantly monitoring the water quality

Algae blooms, low water levels, reduced clarity

Concerned about the recent algae 

Concerned about Blue Algae

Brown and algae this year

according to what I read from the LLSA water quality has been reduced with higher bacteria counts especially in bay closest to highway with public landing; likely due to higher water temperatures, more phosphates from every larger and greater number of cottages with laundry machines, dishwashers, groomed lots, more power boats and sea doos

The current "unknown" condition of the lake ( colour, visible elements, pollen ?) is worrisome for me.

Blue green algae blooms last year, and now this spring whatever this new stuff is..... our lake does not have the water that it once had. Also I know that there is wild life such as frogs, insects, fish, turtles Etc still around in the lake but we do not see them everywhere like we used to. Fishing....that seems pretty scarce now in the summer. 

Bad smell of the water and the brown colour of water [as seen in boat wake] which is a recent development.

Not enough concern is shown by cottagers to maintain a natural environment including water quality.

in our bay we get lingering pollen in the Spring, leaves in the Fall- nuisance

There used to be frogs and small fish near our shore. I have not seen them in a long time

Very concerned about algae sightings, particularly so early in the season this year when there is still some water turnover at the dam. Not sure if our water quality is good or fair, depending on the algae testing results. 

Based upon what is shared by emails and AGM presentations from the Board.

Concerned about the current state w golden yellow algae 

there is blue algae

I'm really concerned about the blue-green (toxic) algae that has appeared

Worried about the Algae increase right now 

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