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Comments- Trees & Vistas (verbatim)

Being sure there is strict monitoring of things like septics (I know was done last year) plus preserving setbacks!

It is disappointing to see some owners essentially clear cutting the lakeside of their properties to "enhance" the view from their cottages. 

The notion that cottage buildings should not be visible from the lake (some individuals clear objectives) is unsustainable and inappropriate. For those of us with young children and grandchildren a clear view of the lke swimming areas is required from shore and not just docks.

Trees on a property should be managed as a sustainable resource. For example, some thinning of saplings and removal of invasive species is required for a robust canopy. 

This question creates some bias. There is a difference between lighting and structures. The fact is, people will continue to build within the Bylaws allowed. That is out of our control. Light pollution is a separate and more pressing issue. 

We're up here to see nature! Not tons of buildings! :) 

The planting of lawns with weed killer and fertilizer and cutting and trimming is nuts. Too many clear cuts of trees to accommodate big cottages

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