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Comments - Boating & Recreation  (verbatim)

This question is very difficult to interpret - I support 'a range of boating and recreational activities' but what type of activities are 'consistent with the natural character and ambiance of the lake' and 'respecting the need for peace and tranquility'? Does that mean no power boats? No wakeboarding/waterskiing/tubing? Peace and tranquility is not a need, it's a preference that we will all rank differently.

Over the past few years, the number of wake boats on the lake has gone up. While the impact on the north end/big part of the lake is small, the increased size of the waves hitting the narrows on the south end is causing issues.

Being entirely cynical, this question skirts the real objectives of some which is to drive off power craft. That is a non-starter.

There are some potentially conflicting objectives in the wording of this question. Safety of all users is critical. Power and non-power boating recreational activity are equally important in my view. There will be some noise and environmental impact resulting so maintaining respect and balance is the key in my view. 

Again, this question is misleading and confusing - what are you really asking??

This question once again has a bias in it. Where’s the question that asks if we support young children pursuing the sports they love whether by motorized boat or not? By lumping this question together with environment you are serving a specific agenda. 

I think there is currently a pretty nice balance. There are boats going by but it doesn't seem like there are too many or anyone is really abusing the lake. The jetskiis are annoying but again, by dinnertime everyone kind of quiets down... not worried at this point. My kids go paddle boarding with me and I feel pretty safe. 

nothing worse than big power boats zooming around with noise, wakes- obnoxious

It's actually not a huge area, respect and consideration of others is critical.

non-motorized boating is much preferred. our lake is too small. Canoe and sail priority.

Bigger cottages mean bigger boats. Already happening with the butted on the north shore who want to develop the shore. They have been deceitful and dishonest about their plans and intentions

there should be motor size restrictions or speed limits in the shallow water area.

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