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Comments - Sense of Community  (verbatim)

Very subjective and conflicting wording - I think power boaters that want to wakeboard/water ski should have that right, even though I don't do it. There are trade-offs in the enjoyment of the lake. I don't feel that anyone is disrespecting anyone else's use of the lake. The degree of activity on the lake is generational - it ebbs and flows as children and grandchildren age. Right now the lake gets very little use but if I see someone's children or grandchildren playing in the water or shrieking behind a boat, those are sounds of joy - not sounds to be controlled. To quote an old nursery tail, I don't want to live on a like that is like the giant's garden where children are not allowed to play.

We need to stand together to protect our lake and the surrounding area for future generations to enjoy.

The objective is obvious. The real question - skirted - is will the owners support certain individuals defined goals. No one who buys property does so without an intent to "enjoy the lake". The unstated message within this questions is do owners support certain individuals definitions of "mutual enjoyment".

I could answer this question if it ended after the words “shared interests”. Beyond that, you are directing opinion.

but as above, I think this is almost impossible to achieve, most of the world is self interested

The August long weekend dock visits have been a tremendous boost in building community. Thanks so much to the organizers!!

i have little in common with many.

Not sure how to answer this one - To protect natural environment = 1. But, inclusive and mutually supportive? = 5

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