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Comments - What did we miss? (verbatim)

Whether we agree or disagree on any particular issue, I do greatly appreciate the time that your group spends on the lake. If we don't have water quality, we have nothing.

Thank you again for the continuous and tireless efforts put in by the dedicated LLSA board and volunteers. 

Get the Township of Muskoka to maintain our access roads - we pay property taxes as all other owners in other roads.

A very comprehensive survey. Thank you for conducting this survey and for the time that will be give to compile the results.

Checking septic systems 

Thanks so much for asking all these questions.

Float planes, municipal services (road maintenance, libraries, recreation etc.)

Where did our Loons go?

Keep any partying at a quiet level. We do not support rentals.

Huge thanks to you all! We are extremely fortunate to have such a great leadership team.
Stay well! Happy summer

I hope I don’t sound too negative but I have watched the water quality and wildlife decline over many years. It is very concerning and very sad to see! If there was a total ban on motor craft would this help ???? because I would gladly give this up if it would make a difference. Maybe only 10 horsepower or less ? Who enforces this ? Not easy issues but I Hope most people don’t just want swimming pools and motorways in front of their cottages. I don’t!!! 

I wanted to stress the banning or restrictions on short term rentals/AirBNB. There are at least 3 that I know of on the lake and the number seems to be increasing. This effects everyone on the lake. This is a major problem in Muskoka and I think Leonard Lake should take a lead to restrict or limit. 

discourage the growth of grass area on properties.

Excellent initiate and survey. Perhaps we consider political action to expose the pro development politicians and actively work to ensure they are. It reelected

I found the wording in this survey to be confusing and misleading......I do not trust that the results from this survey reflect a clear understanding of Leonard Lake property owners.

Huge thanks to all of the dedicated LLSA board members and thank you Bob Manning for stepping up to refresh the lake plan. All of your hard work is very much appreciated!! 

All of this is costly. It may not hurt to increase the annual LLSA Membership fees ?

not much really, just enforcement of by-laws and TWNSP attention

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