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Comments - Water Quality Concerns (verbatim)

Concern Re algae this year

Bacteria levels in shallow parts of the lake are a significant concern. 

I believe there could be older cottages on our lake that have old septic systems that should be updated to current standards.

I would really like to explore solutions that other lakes have implemented that help prevent algae blooms. I’ve read literature that suggests ultrasonic vibrations at the floor of the lake can help. 

Water quality is essential to maintain property values

By "significant concern" I'm not meaning to suggest that it is bad as it is - I just am significantly concerned that it stays healthy! :) 

safety of lake water for swimming, showering, and using for other non drinking purposes

Cormorants and Canada geese...yuck. Whatever happens to the loons? 

We have had many years without loons on the lake. The culprit is likely poor quality nesting conditions due to boat traffic. This spring I saw a loon swimming; however only once and didn't see or hear any calls the next weekend. Loss of loons on the lake makes me VERY sad. Motorboats need to be more considerate of the impact they have on the wildlife.

Too much development of more accommodation on existing lots, and the adding of development on the north shore will add to the stress on water quality.

Based upon what is learned from the studies being undertaken by our Board and Volunteers. And ongoing potential for increase in development.

Invasive Species - Would be concerned and support strong avoidance practices

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