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Comments - Water Quality Changes (verbatim)

never used to have algae etc. plus boat traffic has increased polluting the water, damaging the shoreline and has scared away wildlife....especially the loons!

Algae has been noticed the last few years.

Too hard to tell - the current look of the water is a concern, but I don't know if that is part of a natural cycle or if it is evidence of a deterioration in water quality.

Yellower than it was 50 years ago.

The appearance of blooms the last 2 seasons is troubling especially given the approval to subdivide the lots on the north end.

No serious change, anyway. Some change in the mid-summer levels (lower) than in the sixties, when the falls continued to flow (a trickle, maybe, but a flow nevertheless).

I have checked degraded as we are 30 years on the lake and have noticed more residue on rocks, ladders, boats, etc. from when we first arrived. My primary concerns are old septic systems and recent influx of geese. Hopefully these issues can be addressed.

Blue green algae and Golden brown algea

I have been resident for 65 years, so water quality has deteriorated in my lifetime. 

Not sure I can answer this question without the science that determines it...

We have only been on the lake for 11 years, but we have definitely seen more in the way of algae blooms over these years

When we bought on the lake less than 10 years ago, I would have said the water quality was excellant. With more knowledge now on what constitutes good water quality, I would say it is fair today. 

When we first purchased the cottage we heard frogs them later the water suffered from acid rain and the water was clear but no frogs now we are hearing the frogs again,

We simply have better measurement tools than we once did. 

Increase in factors in above comment

We've only been on the lake for 4 years so not sure. 

Not sure if it has or if I am just more aware of the issues. Definitely the gold brown algae visible in the water this year is a concern.

Since Acid rain days

Water not clear this year

changed as per the studies provided to lake holders, also I personally find a get more boil like skin protrusions after swimming and showering in/with lake water over last few years

We have pollen every spring but the state of the water this year seems more intense. It's disturbing to have to worry about it's safety for people to use right now?

Blue green algae and all the new stuff in May. Algae more prevalent everywhere 

To me, not knowing all of the important elements of habitat for loons - I believe that the departure of loons spoke volumes about changes that have occurred on the lake (along with the arrival of other types of birds). I grew up in farming country and the lake now reminds me more of the pond I grew up beside - rather than a lake. 

the lake is not able to flush itself, what goes in stays in.

Water used to be crystal clear. Is now cloudy

Have never seen the large areas of brown green algae recently spotted on our lake until this year. Very concerning. 

Colour and algae. 

as above - toxic algae

springtime algae seems new and seems to be a worry ...keen to hear from the experts...I think it is making me a bit itchy from showering in lake water

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