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Comments - Natural Shorelines (verbatim)

Maintenance of the natural shoreline will go a long way to maintaining nd improving water quality.

a rationale balance is required. Bluntly achieving some individuals goals must involve significant lake depopulation. How many of us will simply abandon their properties.

Quite important, although a "natural" shoreline (e.g. rock) might not support what is referred to. 

A natural shoreline is very important but the reality is that a portion of every waterfront lot will not be natural to accommodate a cottage.

We are always concerned when we see people clear cutting and growing manicured lawns

Would also like to see less grass on properties. Let’s promote More mulch and natural ground cover. 

I certainly understand that people need access to the lake though. 

Support protection not necessarily rehabilitation

So important - lets create an environment that supports all wildlife.

It seems in general we have good wild waterfront, shoild encourate it to stay that way for for those with lawns, etc, to consider letting part (?) naturalize.

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