E-Blasts 2022

TML office open with Covid adaptations. Update on Lake Plan. Update on Township of Muskoka Lake (TML) Official Plan. Notice of Muskoka Small Lakes Coalition (MSLC).Water team reports on fluorescence testing on blue green blooms.  District appointed Riverstone Environmental for causation study.

"The Natural Edge" comes to Rd 2 courtesy of Watersheds Canada and Bill Heatlie. Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA) Seedling Day

Update on LL Lake Plan. Boat House Survey

Expanded water testing with Muskoka Watershed, Provincial Lake Partner Program, Dr Verschoor(York University) & MLA. Notice of AGM

Cottager Michael Hatton volunteers to create database of rare & environmentally sensitive plants. Notice of Planning Committee meetings with TML in regards to Official Plan draft #3.

Notice of AGM. Membership Drive. Summary & Update of the LL Lake Plan related to TML's Draft #3. Notice of TML's meetings for public input on Draft #3.

 LLSA End of Summer Social

Summary of LL Plan Policies submitted to TML

Reminder to Vote in Municipal Elections

Leonard Lake Policies Summarized with Background Information. Plan adopted by TML Council Oct 12,2022