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E-Blasts 2021

Recap of 2020-Golden Brown Bloom, Blue Green algal event late fall.  Notice of 2020 AGM. Notice of Finalization of LL Lake Plan with submission to TML.

Social Event: Teen Movie Night & Fire. Reminder of TML Bylaws; Tree Preservation & Site Alteration. Beneficial Bugs

Managing Canada Geese. LL Water Quality Series #1-Suppressing Algal Blooms

Ice Out. Muskoka Watershed offering assistance for re-naturalization of shoreline. Notice Muskoka Conservancy 's native plant sales for shoreline naturalization. 

Notice of AGM via Zoom. Cottager Application to TML for maintenance & safety of GlenGordon Rd hill. Social Event: Morning Coffee. LLSA request MECP to follow up on blue-green algal sightings.

Happy Canada Day. Fire Rating. Tick Awareness.  History of Palmos Island. Social Committee needing volunteers

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